After - School Program 2019

Imagine an ideal evening with your children. They’re happy and eager to spend time with you. There is no stress from unfinished homework, no need to run to play dates, or extra classes. The homework is complete, your children have already taken their enrichment classes, from math, science, reading, and writing to art, dance, music, and language. They have had positive, supervised socializing time with their friends and exercised enough to work up an appetite for whatever you’re serving for dinner. Sound impossible? Visit Falcon Learning, where imaginations soar and everything is possible.

After-school Full Rates 2019-2020

After-school Fees for Registered Students. Prices will not be adjusted after tuition is due (first of the month) even when services have been forfeited due to illness, holidays, or other reasons.

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Additional Terms

$50/child or $75/family (due upon enrollment; $25 after the first year)

$75/child (refundable with a 30-day written withdrawal notice), must be maintained.

 $30 on the 6th, plus $2 per day starting on the 8th.

$1 per minute after program end, due upon arrival. (Starts at 5 minutes late with $5.)

We appreciate your understanding that teachers, other students, and traffic may delay pickups.