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Welcome toFalcon Learning

We provide one-to-one tutors at request. It helps to strengthen your child’s academic abilities in Reading, Math, and Writing-efficiently and effectively. Our renowned methods help your child foster a love of learning while giving them the tools and confidence to perform at their best.


Our Philosophy

Before and after school and on days when school is not in session, many children need a place to go so parents can work and tend to other needs. Falcon Learning is here to fill that gap. Our teachers are well-qualified and have undergone background checks to ensure your child’s safety while in our care. As good hygiene is a part of safety, we aim to maintain a clean environment for all children and staff.

Our goal at Falcon Learning is to make your child comfortable, offering a home away from home while he or she awaits your arrival each day. We strive to hire teachers who value children and who want the best for them. As part of this nurturing, we encourage positive social and character development.

For many children, school is quite challenging, and they will need extra practice and explanations to keep up in their classes. For others, schoolwork is easier, and though they may need help with organization or motivation, a challenge may need to take a different form. We will assess each child and with your help will tailor the afternoons to best engage them.

After a long day at school, your child will need a break. That is why upon arrival, they will have a brief rest and a snack. We will structure their afternoon activities in such a way as to provide physical movement such as yoga exercises, Bollywood Dance, and outdoor play interspersed with homework and other mental stimulation and supervised free exploration.

Falcon Learning offers enrichment classes and an engaging environment to develop the whole child. It is true that children can have so much fun they forget they’re learning. We offer activities such as Yoga, Hindi, Bollywood Dance, Public Speaking, Art, Science, geography and cultural education, table tennis, chess and other games, books, puzzles, blocks, outdoor play, and more. Many of these supervised activities are child-led to promote positive decision making and a sense of self-government.

Each child may need a unique key to unlock his or her potential, and together with the family and the school, Falcon Learning aims to keep trying keys until one opens the door.

Please find in these pages the information you need to help your child be successful at Falcon Learning. Thank you for choosing us!

Documents and Fees Required to Enroll Your Child

  1. Signed Acknowledgment that you have received, read, and understand this document. This form also includes a liability waiver.
  2. Application (includes Admission Agreement and Emergency & Health Form)
  3. Transportation Form, if you require pickup from your child’s school.
  4. Annual Registration fee
  5. Security Deposit, refundable at end of summer or with 30-day written notice of withdrawal, to be used for any damages or extra cleaning or if expenses such as returned check fees, late fees, or late pick-up fees are not paid. Must maintain $50 in this account to continue enrollment. If your security deposit falls below $50, you will need to pay cash immediately to bring it back to $75, plus $1 per day fee until your full balance is restored. Deposit will be forfeited if not requested and picked up within 90 days of child’s last day at Falcon Learning. We do not automatically issue or mail refunds.
  6. Non-refundable hold deposit of $150 or first month’s Tuition and Transportation fees due one month before August enrollment or one week before mid-year enrollment, as applicable.


Our Vision

In addition to providing children with the basic requirements stated above, we aim to promote the rich culture and history of India. Falcon Learning is a Heritage School, in compliance with California Department of Education regulations. To this end, we provide an environment of cultural awareness through such areas as games, crafts, and geography and enrichment classes such as Hindi, Yoga, and Bollywood Dance. We do not promote any religion but will explore the customs and beliefs associated with many religions throughout the world, especially at holiday times, such as Diwali, Holi, Easter, Christmas, Passover, Ramadan, and many more. Children of all nationalities and religions are welcome.


Our other enrichment classes, as available, such as Art, Science, Theater, Spanish, and Public Speaking, will offer a variety of skills and cross-curriculum learning opportunities, some of which will focus on India and some of which will offer appreciation for other cultures and histories.


We encourage parents to suggest topics they would like their children to learn. We will do our best to adapt to the needs of our families. To help with this endeavor, please take the time to complete the Survey of Family Needs and return it to Falcon Learning.


Notice of Heritage School Designation

As described in the section titled “Our Vision,” Falcon Learning is registered as a Heritage School, operating in accordance with the California Department of Education’s Education Code Section 33195. As such, Falcon Learning is exempt from licensure by the State Department of Social Services. Falcon Learning is required to meet some of the same DSS requirements and has other requirements, such as educating children about the culture of a country other than the United States.

Falcon Learning is an after-school and out-of-session program and does not satisfy California’s compulsory education requirements. During the school year, children should be enrolled in a full-time public or private day school, including homeschool, to take advantage of Falcon Learning’s morning and/or afternoon offerings.

Our Program and Policies

To maintain the level of personal attention and nurturing that we believe each child needs, we will assign at least one Teacher or Aide for every 15 students. We will divide the children into separate classrooms and activities to keep reasonable class sizes. Children will be supervised at all times

Falcon Learning is currently open to children in grades kindergarten through sixth grade from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on school days and 8 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. most no-school days year-round. We close at 5 p.m. on a few days, generally just before holiday weekends. These days will be announced in advance. We are closed on weekends and major holidays. We will select a few other days to close for Staff Training or because of low enrollment, such as a brief winter break. Parents enrolling their children will receive a current holiday closure schedule, which is subject to change. Tuition is not discounted or pro-rated for holidays, as we still pay our staff on these days.

If parents drop their children off, they are required to sign their children in each day. Teachers will record the attendance of children coming from school.


Parents or other adult caregivers who pick children up are required to sign children out. It is imperative for staff to know, in writing, who is authorized to pick children up and to ensure that children leave only with adults the parents have authorized on their registration form or other document in the child’s file. If a staff member is unsure if the person claiming to be authorized is, it is the staff member’s responsibility to check the formal documentation submitted by the parent and ask the person for identification.


To ensure the best communication concerning your child, when you drop off and pick up, please do not use your cell phone. Please also be aware of your child’s safety while walking in the parking lot. Children should never be dropped off in the parking lot and will not be released to a parent outside. A parent or other authorized adult, not a minor sibling, must sign the child out. Please do not allow your child to use the sign-out PIN pad. Before driving away, please remember to use approved safety seats; we must call the police if we know your child is not using a seat as required by California law.

Late Pickup

We at Falcon Learning understand the pressures of work and traffic in the Bay Area. That is why we have chosen to remain open until 6:30 p.m. We ask you to make the necessary arrangements to pick up your child before 6:30 p.m. so that our Teachers can get home to their families and you can eat dinner with your child. In the event that you cannot pick up your child by 6:30 p.m., you will be charged an additional $1 per minute, starting 5 minutes late at $5. For consistency, we will use our clock, not those of parents. Please use the electronic sign-out PIN pad. If you do not sign your child out, our teacher will make a note of the late time for use in calculating late fees.

If you have elected an earlier program-end time (applicable primarily in the summer or for classes), the surcharge begins at the end of that time. Adequate staffing depends on the number of children in attendance, so we must know when your child will be picked up.

Students should pack a lunch to bring to Falcon Learning each minimum day and no-school day. Students do not have access to a refrigerator or microwave, so please plan lunches accordingly. Please do not send gum, candy, sugary foods or drinks, caffeinated beverages, or carbonated beverages. Falcon Learning will provide all children with a healthy snack each afternoon. Children are not permitted to share food.


Please inform the Director in writing of any dietary restrictions your child has due to allergies, religious beliefs, or lifestyle choices. We will do our best to accommodate these needs but may have to ask you to supply snacks for your child.


We will also do our best in any classes involving cooking to cater to the needs of all of the children, but there may be times when a child will simply be unable to eat the food prepared in class. We will do our best to avoid this while still providing a meaningful class for all students.

Transportation between local schools and Falcon Learning, when carried out by third parties, will be subject to their terms. If you choose to have Falcon Learning or our agents transport your child from school, all child vehicle seating arrangements will comply with California law.

Once arranging for Falcon Learning to pick up your child from school, you are responsible for notifying us if your child does not need a pickup. You may notify us via email, phone/voice mail, or text. If you do not notify us by 10 a.m., you will be charged $15, which will come from your security deposit. Please take this seriously. It is not merely a convenience for us to know whether your child needs a ride. The top goal for our drivers is the safety of the children we transport. We do not leave a school simply because we don’t see the student on our first look. Our drivers waste a significant amount of time searching for students who do not need pickups when parents have not told us. This makes the drivers late for pickups at other schools and inconveniences many other children. We need to know by 10 a.m. every time so we can coordinate with our drivers even on minimum days when pickups are

Below is a sample schedule of what a typical day might look like at Falcon Learning. Schools have different bell schedules, so arrival times will vary. Exact activities and order also vary. Students are split into several groups, so they are not all doing the same activity at the same time.

  • 8 a.m.-2 p.m.: No-School Day/Minimum Day activities (Snack, Lesson/Story and Crafts, Lunch, Outdoor play, Exploration)
  • 2-3:30 p.m.: After-School Arrival, Snack, Exploration, Socializing, Homework
  • 3:00-5:30 p.m.: Homework Help, Enrichment Classes, Story Time, Outdoor Play
  • 5:30-6:30 p.m.: Classes, Free play until Pick Up

We send monthly newsletters and notices as applicable, primarily through email. Please take the time to read these. They will tell you about upcoming days off, classes, and events. Your tuition invoices also come through email. Also, please watch your child’s homework and ask your child to see what he or she has brought home from the enrichment classes. If at any time you have a question about how your child is doing at Falcon Learning, you are welcome to talk to us. You may schedule an appointment if you require a private consultation.


It is very important that students’ information is up-to-date at all times. If you have moved or have changed your home, cell, or work telephone number or primary email address, please notify the Director immediately about the changes. Also, please inform us in writing if there are changes in the emergency telephone numbers of people to contact if you are not available.

To increase human interaction, electronics are not allowed at Falcon Learning except for required homework. Students will be given supervised time on the computers to complete their homework. Any other use of the computers is prohibited. If students consistently attempt to use the computers for other things, they may lose all computer time.

If you want your child to have a watch or phone to communicate with you, please talk to them about asking a teacher before using the device. These devices are distracting to other students and can interrupt homework time and classes. If you need to communicate with your child, you are welcome to call the office, and they can use our phone. 

While not encouraged, children are allowed to bring small, quiet toys to play with during free time, but Falcon Learning is not responsible if toys get lost, stolen, or broken.

Payments are due by the 1st of each month during the school year and will be assessed a $30 late fee on the 6th, plus $2 per day starting on the 8th. If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, your child may have to be removed from the program. Your tuition pays the rent and for all staff and supplies and is required to keep the program running smoothly. Because students do not attend many days in June, tuition for June is combined with May and is due May 1.

Fees are based on enrollment, not attendance. To maintain a reserved spot, tuition must be paid even in times of illness or for any other reason. You may request pro-rated tuition in advance when you have a planned absence, once per school year. If your child will be absent more than 5 tuition days, please submit a Vacation Hold form along with the required fee. Your $150 Hold fee will be credited toward the next month’s tuition for absences of 10 tuition days or fewer (please do not post-date your check). If you are planning an absence of more than 10 tuition days, please pay pro-rated tuition to hold your spot after the first 10 days. Form and payment must be received by the 28th of the month before the absence begins.

To better serve parents, we offer several ways to pay your child’s tuition, including cash, check, online bill pay through your bank, or bank/credit card payments online or in the office. Please make checks payable to Falcon Learning. We send out invoices each month, but these are merely courtesy reminders. Your tuition is due promptly regardless of whether you receive a reminder. The following After-school terms for registered students are subject to change at any time:

The Pro-rated option gives flexibility for planned absences one month each school year. Parents will be expected to pay Monthly rates unless they submit a Vacation Hold request by the 28th of the previous month for Pro-rated tuition, indicating the days their child will attend. We will automatically pro-rate tuition for all students August, December, and June. We do not pro-rate for the following holidays because we still pay our teachers: New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. Please see our Vacation Hold policy for absences of more than 5 tuition days.

  • After-school Registration fee: $50/child or $75/family (due upon enrollment; $25 after the first year)
  • After-school Security Deposit: $75/child (refundable with a 30-day written withdrawal notice), must be maintained; Upon official withdrawal, 25% of unused tuition will be refunded; transportation and any other fees will not be refunded.
  • A 7-day Cancellation Policy will apply to No-school days, Minimum Days, and Enrichment Classes. Students will be automatically charged for Full-Day No-school days; parents need to inform us by 7 days before the day to receive a credit or refund.
  • Sibling discount is 5% off the oldest child’s tuition.
  • Returned check fees, $30, must be paid in cash within 2 days.
  • Late tuition fee (due the 1st of the month): $30 on the 6th, plus $2 per day starting on the 8th.
  • Late pick-up fee: $1 per minute after program end, due upon arrival. (Starts at 5 minutes late with $5.)
  • Pickups are made in as timely a manner as possible. We appreciate your understanding that teachers, other students, and traffic may delay pickups.


Falcon Learning does not dispense medications except when required by law. If your child has asthma or another medical condition requiring specific care, it is the parent’s responsibility to train Falcon Learning staff members in the care for your child. We have a right to get further training from your child’s doctor, if required.

California law considers sunscreen to be a medication. With a parent’s note, children may bring it to apply on themselves.

Falcon Learning is a well-child facility. At no time do we provide sick-child care. The following illness policies will be strictly enforced, for the health, well-being, and safety of all concerned.

Under no circumstances may a parent bring a sick child to Falcon Learning if the child shows any signs of illness. Sick children will expose all children and staff members who they come in contact with. These people can in turn expose the other children. Also, sick children want care from their parents in the comfort of their own homes. If other children become ill due to exposure to your sick child, either because he or she was returned to our care before full recovery or because he or she was not picked up promptly upon notice of becoming ill, other parents will be unnecessarily inconvenienced. Because this is disruptive to other children and their families, your cooperation on this issue is extremely important.

Every effort is taken to reduce the spread of illness by encouraging frequent hand washing and other sanitary practices.

If your child is unable to participate in normal activities (including being able to play outside), then your child must stay home.

Children will be visually screened when they arrive. In the event a child becomes ill and needs to be picked up, the parents will be called and are expected to come pick the child up within one hour (60 minutes). If the parents cannot be reached, or have not arrived within an hour, the emergency contact person will be called and asked to come pick the child up.

For the benefit of our staff and other children in our care, a sick child will not be permitted to return to care for 24 hours after his or her condition has returned to normal. The child may return 24-48 hours (depending upon the illness) after they have received the first dose of an antibiotic. If a child receives an antibiotic for an ear infection, he/she may return to our care immediately if he or she has been free of other symptoms mentioned below for at least 24 hours. If you aren’t sure about whether or not to bring your child to care, please get a doctor’s note or call the Director to discuss it. Allergy-related symptoms, and non-communicable illnesses do not require exclusion if you have a note from your doctor. 

Symptoms requiring removal of child from day care:

  • Fever: Fever is defined as having a temperature of 100°F or higher taken under the arm or with a temporal scanner or 101°F taken orally. A child needs to be fever-free for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to daycare. That means the child is fever-free without the aid of Tylenol®, or any other fever-reducing substance.
  • Diarrhea: runny, watery, or bloody stools, or two or more loose stools within past four hours.
  • Vomiting: two or more times in a 24-hour period. Please do not bring your child if he or she has vomited even once during the night.
  • Breathing trouble, sore throat, swollen glands, loss of voice, hacking or continuous coughing.
  • Runny nose (other than clear), draining eyes or ears.
  • Frequent scratching of body or scalp, lice, rash, or any other spots that resemble childhood diseases, including ringworm.
  • Child is irritable, continuously crying, or requires more attention than we can provide without hurting the health, safety, or well-being of the other children in our care.


Please note: Many times Falcon Learning may get blamed for the illness of a child, meaning that we have “allowed” sick children to come here. Parents may not stop to think that when sick children are brought to our center, our entire staff is also at risk of exposure. Please think about how you would feel if another parent brought their sick child and exposed your child. We stress this again – if you are not sure whether it is OK to bring your child, please call ahead to ask us. We may require a doctor’s decision as to whether or not the child is contagious. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. 


All children younger than 6 years old are required to keep a change of clothes at Falcon Learning in case of accidents or spills. Older children are encouraged to keep a change of clothes, at the parents’ discretion. Please put clothes in a sealed plastic bag with first and last name clearly written on the bag in the child’s cubby. We do not have a supply of clothes for children to change into. Falcon Learning staff cannot help the child change clothes. If a child cannot do this independently or if a change of clothes is not available when needed, the parent will be called and will need to come assist the child in a timely manner.

Every effort will be made to place every child in an appropriate group that works for that child, the other children, and the teachers.  The Director will work with the child and the teacher and will reach out to the family, if necessary.


  • Teachers refer all behavioral problems to the Director once she/he determines that the child is disrupting the whole group and efforts such as “time out” or “restricted playtime” have been deemed ineffective.
  • A child who is disrupting a group will be sent to the Director.
  • The Director will contact the child’s family and report the problem.
  • If the Director develops a plan with the family, the child will again be allowed to attend the activity.
  • If the behavioral problem continues, the teacher will again follow the procedure described above, but the child will not be allowed to return to that activity.


The Owner will be consulted by the Director, and the child may be removed from the program.  If for any reason this happens, the family will be reimbursed for the balance of the program for which they may have paid.


Smoking anywhere in the building, outside near the entrances, or in the back play area is prohibited. 

In the event of an emergency, staff will follow the posted emergency plan. To prepare for any such emergencies, the Director will carry out disaster drills at least every four months. This includes fire and earthquake drills, as well as any other preparation the Director deems necessary.


In the event of an emergency evacuation, all children and staff members will be taken to the no-parking area in front of the facility. Items to be taken out with the children include a current roster to account for all students, a first-aid kit and cell phone, and a phone list to notify parents and emergency personnel. Our secondary meeting location, in case we need to get farther away from the building, is the Golfland parking lot across the street. We will attempt to contact all parents once we are in a safe location.


Please pick up your child promptly if requested. If the emergency is outside the building, we will keep the children safely inside while we wait for parents to be able to arrive or a designated adult to pick up. We will not release a child to anyone not on the child’s registration form unless a parent calls to give an additional name.