Our Philosophy

We believe children should be safe. After school and on days when school is not in session, many children need a place to go so parents can work and tend to other needs. Falcon Learning is here to fill that gap. Our teachers are well-qualified and have undergone background checks to ensure your child’s safety while in our care. As good hygiene is a part of safety, we aim to maintain a clean environment for all children and staff.

We believe children need a nurturing environment. Our goal at Falcon Learning is to make your child comfortable, offering a home away from home while he or she awaits your arrival each day. We strive to hire teachers who value children and who want the best for them. As part of this nurturing, we encourage positive social and character development.

We believe children should be challenged. For many children, school is quite challenging, and they will need extra practice and explanations to keep up in their classes. For others, schoolwork is easier, and though they may need help with organization or motivation, a challenge may need to take a different form. We will assess each child and with your help will tailor the afternoons to best engage them.

We believe children need to rest. After a long day at school, your child will need a break. That is why upon arrival, they will have a brief rest and a snack. We will structure their afternoon activities in such a way as to provide physical movement such as yoga exercises, Bollywood Dance, and outdoor play interspersed with homework and other mental stimulation and supervised free exploration.

We believe learning can be fun. Falcon Learning offers enrichment classes and an engaging environment to develop the whole child. It is true that children can have so much fun they forget they’re learning. We now or will soon offer Yoga, Hindi, Bollywood Dance, Cooking, Theater, Public Speaking, Art, Science, geography and cultural education, table tennis, chess and other games, books, puzzles, blocks, outdoor play, and more. Many of these supervised activities are child-led to promote positive decision making and a sense of self-government.

We believe every child can succeed. Each child may need a unique key to unlock his or her potential, and together with the family and the school, Falcon Learning aims to keep trying keys until one opens the door.

Our Methodology

In keeping with our philosophy of making learning fun and providing appropriate levels of challenge, our methods are simple. We will discuss each child’s homework with him or her to be sure there is understanding. We will offer individual instruction as needed to help with any learning struggles. We will also give time and means to let the mind rest and the body get active.

Our Enrichment Classes are designed to build real-life connections between often-compartmentalized subjects. Our Cooking class, for example, will delve into not only recipes and kitchen safety but math, science, and geography. Our Art class will encourage students to think about history as they learn techniques to enhance their creativity. Summer camps will be particularly good times to explore the many facets of a single topic. Together, we will read, write, figure, create, and question aspects of Oceans or Pirates or Ancient China. Learning about a subject in this way is natural and helps children understand how to self-teach and become lifelong learners. It also allows the child the time to become engaged in the subject and begin to own a part of it, building self-confidence.

Our Background

The Owners:

The owners of Falcon Learning, Rajesh and Teonei, have been married for nearly 18 years and have five sons. Rajesh obtained his bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering in India and his master’s degree in computer science from Arizona State University. Until recently, his work in Ohio, North Carolina, the New York City metro area, and the San Francisco Bay Area took him on frequent business trips, and he has visited more than 40 countries on five continents. He has been able to take the whole family on several business trips, including two summers in Costa Rica and shorter trips to Europe. After more than a million miles in the air, he still enjoys traveling because he loves meeting new people and learning from them. He also enjoys hiking Mission Peak, Mount Everest base camp, and anywhere in between.

Teonei, who grew up in Oregon, has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Brigham Young University and has worked for newspapers in Utah and Ohio and as a technical writer in North Carolina and the Bay Area. She has been homeschooling their five sons for the past 8 years. So far, she has taught every grade from preschool through eighth grade. She focuses on the fundamentals of success: reading, writing, and mathematics, but doesn’t feel the day is complete without learning about history or science through stories and hands-on projects and tackling some electives such as Latin, logic, and art. She loves to immerse herself in the world of education and to seek out new methods to help her children understand difficult concepts.